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    地 址:中國江蘇常州三河口工業園區
    手 機:13606122988
    電 話:0519-88672258 0519-88672258
    傳 真:0519-88672218
    網 址:www.couchcents.com


    概 述 Descriptions



    ★適用范圍:塑料 樹脂類產品 無機藥品 肥料 飼料 食品 化纖 染料 淀粉 下水管污泥等產品的干燥,如:氯乙烯 樹脂 尼龍 聚乙烯 聚丙烯 淀粉 氯化鈉 砂糖 氧化鐵 長石 燒堿粉末等各種粉粒及膏狀料。

    ★Oar drier is low speed churner drier that equipped oars inside equipment.The damp raw material is churned to ample connecting wigh hot carry and the surface can ehoruzontal,double scrolls of fore scrolls.

    ★There are hot air style and transfer style two stlyles. The drying in hot style is completed through conection of hot air and material. Intranster style,material is connected with hot surface to drying,ia can prevent pollution of material.The air outlet is few,effection is high,small size,save energy and prevent pollution of air

    ★It is suitabie for drying in plastic,resin,inorganic compounds machine,fertilizer,feed.drestuff,starch,mud and so on …

    特 點 Features






    ★Compact structure, small occupied space, high degree of heat conducting, best heat effeat , in general heat effect is attion to 80-90%,it is a kind of device in saing energy.

    ★Low speed, it is difficult to break into shaping of granule and slice raw materil.

    ★To raw material ,wide use ,easy to operate and raw material is adjustable from few minuters to few hours.

    ★The attachment is simple, and will save investment.

    ★There is many uses by it, such as drying, cooling recoverying air, kesoonding, heating and so on.

    型號 Model  項目 ItemJYG-3JYG-9JYG-13JYG-18JYG-29JYG-41JYG-52JYG-68JYG-81JYG-95JYG-110
    傳熱面積 (m3  )  Heat transferring area391318294152688195110
    有效容積 (m3  )  effective volume0.060.320.591.091.852.83.965.216.438.079.46
    轉速范圍 (r.m.p)  Range of rotaing speed15-3010-2510-2510-2010-2010-2010-2010-205-155-155-10
    功率 (Kw)  power2.245.57.511153045557595
    器體寬A (mm)  width of vessel3065847629401118129614741652182820322210
    總寬B (mm)  Total width736841106613201474167618542134226824382668
    器體長C (mm)  Length of vessel19562820304833284114472452585842602061246122
    總長D (mm )  Total length29724876548659186808757083069296967897049880
    進出料距E (mm)  Distance of material inlet £outlet17522540276830483810442049545384556256645664
    中心距F (mm)  height of center (mm)38038053461076291510661220122012201220
    總高G (mm)  Otal height (mm)762838109212701524177820322362246425662668
    進氣口N(寸)  Steam inlet (N) (inch)3/43/4111111/211/211/211/22
    進水口 O(寸)  Water outlet(O) (inch)3/43/4111111/211/211/211/22


    All datas are used for reference only. According to the condition of material, our factory has the right to change but not notice, pardon!



    版權所有:?2009-2018 常州市佳發制粒干燥設備有限公司 備案號:蘇ICP備11084169號
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